Mounting Frame System



Central Office

The mounting rack system is a multi-purpose, wall mounted frame system for smaller sites. The frame is designed for 19” equipment. The depth of the frame can be adjusted with brackets.


Technical Information
Design: 19” frame, 
Type: Metal frame, wall mounted
Capacity: 48 U
Size: 500x2200x240 mm
Capacity, equipment: 48 U

Product Sheet


E-nr Product No. Product Name
5001010 NBF11003 Mounting Frame System, Set
5001050 N-675073 Vertical Bar
5001060 N-675074 Cable Support
5001135 N-675075 Wire Guide
5001055 N-675076 Top and Bottom Iron
5001110 NBH10201 Mounting Frame
5001015 NBH10202 Mounting Set
5001120 NBH10401 Mounting Bar
5001030 NBH10402 Mounting Set
5001065 NSD60101 Fixing Iron 240mm
5001067 NSD60102 Fixing Iron 500mm
5001130 NSG20701 Wire Guide

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