19” Rack System

BAB 326 200

Hci Mt 5211S Rack

Central Office


The 19” standard Rack System offers a high-capacity, easy installed fiber management system to organize and terminate large quantities of fiber. The Rack System normally constitutes the cabling interface between any active fiber access node and the subscriber line side.

The system is designed typically for FTTH networks, such as Point to Point (P2P) and/or PON but suits any type of network, metro or transport, with a high number of fiber terminations with space for patch cords or multi cable assemblies.


Technical Information
Design: 19” Rack, floor standing
Type: Metal frame, floor standing
Dimensions: 2100x600x400 mm
Capacity: 42 U

Product Sheet

BAB326200 Rack System

E-nr Product No. Product Name
  BAB326200 19” rack, Black
  BAB326200/1 Patch handling bend restrictor
  BAB326200/2 External patch handling module
  BAB326200/3 Floor attachment
  BAB326200/4 Floor cable channel

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