Micro Cables for Aerial Applications, GNHL

TOL4019024 and TOL4019029

Micronet TOL401 9017

Feeder & Distribution

Drop & Premises

Aerial Installation

These micro cables are especially developed for installations with micro ducts for aerial installations. The micro cables are based on a slim loose tube design with up to eight tubes per cable. The design facilitates fiber preparation and mid-span access. The cable is suitable for long-distance, air blown installation in microducts, with an inner diameter from 10 to 12 mm. The cable has enhanced tension resistance and an extremely wide operational temperature range. 


Technical Information
Design: Loose tube, micro cable 
Type: Dielectric, for aerial applications in microducts 
Dimensions: Ø 5.7 - 6.7 mm 
Capacity: 12 - 96 fibers 
Fiber type: G657A1 or G652D 
Lengths: 2000, 4000, 8000 m 


E-nr Product No. Product Name No.
4988660 TOL4019029/12AH Micro Cable 12f G657a1 S12, Aerial 1x12 (12f)
4988670 TOL4019029/29AH Micro Cable 24f G657a1 S12, Aerial 2x12 (24f)
4988680 TOL4019029/48AH Micro Cable 48f G657A1 S12, Aerial 4x12 (48f)
4988690 TOL4019029/72AH Micro Cable 72f G657A1 S12, Aerial 6x12 (72f)
4988700 TOL4019029/96AH Micro Cable 96f G657A1 S12, Aerial 8x12 (96f)
  TOL4019024/12C Micro Cable 12f G652D TIA598, Aerial  1x12 (12f)
  TOL4019024/24C Micro Cable 24f G652D TIA598, Aerial 2x12 (24f)
  TOL4019024/48C Micro Cable 48f G652D TIA598, Aerial 4x12 (48f)
  TOL4019024/72C Micro Cable 72f G652D TIA598, Aerial 6x12 (72f)
  TOL4019024/96C Micro Cable 96f G652D TIA598, Aerial 8x12 (96f)
  TOL4019024/12A Micro Cable 12f G652D, Aerial  1x12 (12f)
  TOL4019024/24A Micro Cable 24f G652D, Aerial  2x12 (24f)
  TOL4019024/48A Micro Cable 48f G652D, Aerial  4x12 (48f)
  TOL4019024/72A Micro Cable 72f G652D, Aerial  6x12 (72f)
  TOL4019024/96A Micro Cable 96f G652D, Aerial  8x12 (96f)

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