Drop Cable FTTA, Indoor/Outdoor, GNGQQBDV

TOL 406 3004


Feeder & Distribution

Drop & Premises

Ground Installation

Indoor Installation

Fiber optic cable designed for FTTA applications in both indoor and outdoor environments. The cable is flame resistant. Water blocking tape guarantees that no water can pass through the cable and the outer sheath is specially designed to give the highest protection in outdoor environments. The cable is suitable for pre-terminated delivery and has extremely good bending performance due to the use of bend-resistant G657A2 fiber. 


Techincal Information
Design: Secondary coated fiber, aramide yarn, high temp. 
Type: Indoor and outdoor use, HFFR 
Capacity: 2 fibers 
Fiber type: G657A2 
Dimensions: 5.9x4 mm 
Lengths: 2000, 4000, 6000 


E-nr Product No.  Product Name  Fibers
  TOL4063004/2A  GNGQQBDV 2f G657A2  2f 

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