Slotted Core Ribbon, Indoor/Outdoor, GASQBDUV, 96-192f


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Feeder & Distribution

Ground Installation

Indoor Installation


Ribbon cable with slotted core design, which reduces installation costs and ensures superior fiber protection. Each of the six slots contain 2 ribbons of the 8-fiber ribbon type. The cable is dielectric, and very slim and flexible, making it very versatile. Dry water blocking makes the cable jointing procedure clean and easy. 



Technical Information
Design: Slotted core, 8-fiber ribbon, flame retardant 
Type: Indoor/Outdoor, CPR-class Eca
Capacity: 96-192 fibers 
Fiber type: G652D 
Dimensions: Ø13-14.5 mm 
Lengths: 2000-8000 m 

E-nr Product No.  Product Name  Fibers
4983350 TOL4051027/96A GASQBDUV 96f G652D     12x8 (96f)
4983360 TOL4051027/192A GASQBDUV 192f G652D     24x8 (192f)

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