Patch Cable, Indoor, GNGQBDU

TOL4053033, TOL4053001

Hci Tol4053001

Drop & Premises

Indoor Installation


Simplex and duplex, buffered patch cord cable, non-jelly filled with an outer diameter of 2.0 mm per element. It can be delivered pre-terminated with a variety of connector types. The cable has low shrinkage of less than 0.5% for reliable high performance. The 2-fiber version has a figure-8 design with single fibers laid in ­parallel, which makes it easy to split into two simplex patch cables.



Technical Information
Design: Tight buffered flame retardant, bend resistant 
Type: Indoor, IEC60332-3 cat C (LSZH), UL1666 
Capacity: 1-2 fibers 
Fiber type: G657A2, G652D
Dimensions: Ø2-2x4 mm 
Lengths: 1000 m 


E-nr Product No.  Product Name  Fibers 
  TOL4053033/1A GNGQBDU 1f G657A2, Blue 1f
  TOL4053033/1C GNGQBDU 1f G657A2, Yellow 1f
  TOL4053033/2A GNGQBDU 2f G657A2, Blue 2f
  TOL4053033/2C GNGQBDU 2f G657A2, Yellow 2f
4984130 TOL4053001/1A GNGQBDU 1f G652D, Blue 1f
  TOL4053001/1C GNGQBDU 1f G652D, Yellow 1f
4984140 TOL4053001/2A GNGQBDU 2f G652D, Blue 2f
  TOL4053001/2C GNGQBDU 2f G652D, Yellow 2f

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