Slotted Core Ribbon, GAHSL

TOL 401 1001


Ground Installation

Feeder & Distribution

Robust 4-fiber ribbon cable using slotted core design. The design reduces installation costs and gives superior fiber protection. The cable is dielectric, making it suitable for installation where there is electrical interference. 


Technical Information
Design: Slotted core, 4-fiber ribbon 
Type: Outdoor, duct install 
Capacity: 4-96 fibers 
Fiber type: G652D 
Dimensions: Ø12.0-13.5 mm 
Lengths: 2000-8000 m 

E-nr Product No. Product Name Tubes/Fibers
4984110 TOL4011001/4A GASLDV 4f G652D 1x4 (4f)
4982990 TOL4011001/8A GASLDV 8f G652D 2x4 (8f)
4983000 TOL4011001/12A GASLDV 12f G652D 3x4 (12f)
4983010 TOL4011001/24A GASLDV 24f G652D 6x4 (24f)
4983020 TOL4011001/36A GASLDV 36f G652D 9x4 (36f)
4983030 TOL4011001/48A GASLDV 48f G652D 12x4 (48f)
4983040 TOL4011001/72A GASLDV 72f G652D 18x4 (72f)
4983050 TOL4011001/96A GASLDV 96f G652D 24x4 (96f)

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