Loose Tube DryTech, GRCLWLV

TOL 402 2040


Feeder & Distribution

Ground Installation


High capacity loose tube cable with concentric core design, a corrugated steel tape layer and a second outer sheath. The corrugated steel tape reinforcement provides good mechanical protection, but the cable is still easy to install. DryTech filling compound is used in the cable core. 



Technical Information
Design: Loose tube, dry, steel armor 
Type: Outdoor, direct buried 
Capacity: 288 fibers 
Fiber type: G652D 
Dimensions: Ø24.5 mm 
Lengths: 2000-4000 m 


E-nr Product No.  Product Name  Fibers
  TOL4022040/288A GRCLWLV 288f G652D 24x12 (288f)

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