TOL 403 2003


Feeder & Distribution

Aerial Installation


ADSS, non-metallic cable with concentric core design. This extremely slim and low-weight cable, which can be ordered with 4 to 144 fibers, is suitable for span lengths from 60 to 170 m. It can be installed adjacent to power lines with up to 120 kV. It contains a standard filling compound and utilizes aramid yarn to increase strength.




Technical Information
Design: Loose Tube, ADSS, dielectric, 4kN
Type: Outdoor, aerial
Capacity: 8-144 fibers 
Fiber type: G652D 
Dimensions: Ø11.7-20.0 mm 
Lengths: 2000-8000 m 


E-nr Product No.  Product Name  Fibers
4979460 TOL4032003/8A GRHSLDV 8f G652D 4 kN-11.5 mm 2x4 (8f)
4979470 TOL4032003/12A GRHSLDV 12f G652D 4 kN-11.5 mm 3x4 (12f)
4979480 TOL4032003/24A GRHSLDV 24f G652D 4 kN-11.5 mm 6x4 (24f)
4979500 TOL4032003/48A GRHSLDV 48f G652D 4 kN-11.5 mm 4x12 (48f)
4979510 TOL4032003/72A GRHSLDV 72f G652D 4 kN-15.5 mm 6x12 (72f)
4979520 TOL4032003/96A GRHSLDV 96f G652D 4 kN-19 mm 8x12 (96f)
4979530 TOL4032003/144A GRHSLDV 144f G652D 4 kN-19 mm 12x12 (144f)

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