The Viper Series Grows! Check Out the New Viper 2-24f

28 Jan 2016

Hexatronic launches a new micro cable as part of the successful Viper series. The new Viper cable has 2 to 24 fiber, a diameter of only 4.0 mm and can be installed in all kinds of ducts with an inner diameter of 5-12 mm. 


Hexatronic Viper News 


The slim loose tube design with 4 fibers in each tube makes branching and connection to smaller buildings in FTTH networks quicker and easier. 

The 2-24 fiber micro cable can be installed in the most commonly used micro ducts with an inner diameter of 5 mm and upwards. The 2 fiber version of Viper is also a cost-effective and robust drop cable in rural networks.


Hexatronic Viper Duct News 


Just like all of the other cables in the series, the Viper 2-24f offers a state of the art installation performance and environmental resistance. The cable can be installed by air blowing up to 2 km into greased ducts. It also has an extremely wide temperature range of -45 to + 70C for safe operation in all environments. 


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