The New Viper Mini 2-24f is Now Available

17 Jun 2016

The New Viper Mini 2-24f with Super Low Friction

Unbeatable blowing performance - can be installed in all ducts with an inner diameter of 5mm to 12mm. 

Just like all of the other cables in the series, the Viper Mini offers a state of the art installation performance and environmental resistance. With a diameter of only 4 mm it can be installed in the most commonly used micro ducts with an inner diameter of 5 - 12mm. The cable can be installed by air blowing up to 2 km into greased ducts. An extremely wide temperature range of -45 to + 70C ensures safe operation in all environments. 

The 2-24f Viper Mini cable has a new sheath technology called SLF (super low friction coating), which vastly improves the blowing performance in ducts from 5 - 12mm in diameter.


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