The Kit for This Season's Air Blown Fiber Installations

16 May 2016

Hexatronic's Ribbonet® Air Blown Fiber (ABF) system consists of air blown fibers, ducts, duct joints and accessories and Hexatronic’s patented lightweight air blowing tool. 


Air Blown Fiber Installation Tool Kit
The Air Blown Fiber Installation tool is used for the installation of Air Blown Fibers into microducts. This unique, easy-to-handle and lightweight tool is designed for optimal performance in combination with all available fiber units and microducts in the Ribbonet® system.


The tool uses both compressed air and an electric motor to feed the fiber. An adjustable magnetic coupling limits feeding force on fiber to avoid damage in case of a sudden stop. The motor speed and direction is controlled by a trigger switch on the handle.

The tool is designed to be used with Hexatronic Air Blown Fibers only. Fiber units with 1-12 fibers can be installed. Nozzles for 3/2mm, 5/3.5mm and 7/3.5mm microducts are included.

News 650X325px Abfkit


Contents of LTT 179 2011 Kit

  • Blowing tool
  • Battery charger
  • Two Li-Ion batteries
  • Set of air filter and valve
  • Small toolbox with tools and common replacement parts
  • Fiber guide sets for up to ≤1.3 mm and ≤1.6 mm fiber units
  • Nozzles for 3 mm, 5 mm and 7 mm microducts
  • Microduct cutter
  • User guide
  • Carrying case


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