SubCableNews talks all things submarine with Christian Priess

16 Oct 2019



Having recently joined the Management Team of Hexatronic and just returned from Submarine Networks World in Singapore, Christian is perfectly positioned to give us a fresh view of the subsea market and the position that Hexatronic plays in it.


Firstly, congratulations on your new role, can you tell us a little more about what it entails?

Yes, my role at Hexatronic is in international business development and head of the submarine business. I am very excited to join a leading company like Hexatronic that is made up of excellent people and strong technology. Previously I was the region head of the submarine power business of NKT, and prior to that I held an international management role at HILTI.  I am thrilled to be returning to the submarine cable world. Overall, I am responsible for the European markets, excluding Scandinavia and the UK, for Africa and Middle East and the submarine business of Hexatronic.


And presumably your background in commercial and business management worldwide means that you are in a good position to spearhead Hexatronic’s growth in both the subsea and terrestrial markets?

I will of course do my best and approach the new challenges with a good degree of Scandinavian humility. But at Hexatronic in general, and in particular in my business area, we have a great team in place and I see my role as being part of this team, helping to set the priorities and to develop individuals whilst maintaining a strong focus on our customers´ needs. In Hexatronic we are in the unique position of being able to help our customers develop strong and reliable fiber network systems, while offering the lowest total cost of ownership in the industry.


Hexatronic’s target is an annual growth rate of 20%, based on a mixture of acquisitions and organic growth. Our focus is on the FTTH market, fiber or hybrid solutions for the 5G, WiFi, CCTV and the sensor industry. The main focus areas for us are in Europe and North America, and we plan to make one to two acquisitions per year to support our continuous advancement.  On the submarine side we see a significant number of opportunities across the EMEA region and also further afield such as in AsiaPac. Hexatronic will continue to support the power, offshore wind and oil & gas industries globally as well.


It’s great to join a new community at a time when the market is buoyant. Global capacity requirements are increasing year-on-year and the demand for new cable systems continues to grow. The number of cable suppliers is still relatively low and there appears to be enough work for all parties. Hexatronic’s niche is our advanced loose tube unrepeatered submarine cable design which offers a range of fiber counts from 12 to 192. And that we have a very flexible approach to cable supply, which suits a lot of customers in these busy times.  


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