Smart New Installation Tool for Hexatronic's Nano Cable

24 Mar 2017

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With our new installation tool you can push or air blow our popular Nano cable even faster and further


The air blowing installation tool consists of a base unit which feeds the Nano Cable into the micro duct. A magnetic coupling, which is optimized for Hexatronics Nano Cable, regulates the feeding force and immediately stops the installation if there is any disruption. This ensures that no damage occurs. The tool is simple to use and no calibration is required.

A regular cordless screwdriver is used to operate the tool which can be used in two ways. Either to push the cable into the duct or in combination with a compressor to blow the cable in using compressed air.



  • Installation speed of up to 150m/min
  • Portable and Lightweight
  • Easy to use, calibration free design
  • For Hexatronic Nano Cable 1-12 fibers
  • For microduct inner diameters between 3.5-10 mm



The blowing performance depends on several parameters such as the type of micro ducts, the number of bends, temperature, humidity, air pressure, etc. In normal situations the cable can be air blown for up to 1000m or more, or be pushed in without compressed air for 70 - 100m.


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Hexatronic Nano Cables

Nano Cables are extremely robust and slim cables that can be installed in all types of micro­ducts with an inner diameter of 3.5 to 12 mm. The cable is normally installed by blowing up to 1 km or more, but short distances can easily be pushed by hand. This enables the nano cable to be blown to fiber optic access cabinets along roads. The connection from the cabinet to the end user can then in many cases be pushed by hand. This procedure enables huge cost savings since a lot of installation steps can be carried out quickly and easily. The cable has excellent bend performance and an extremely wide operational temperature range, suitable for the harsh Nordic climate, down to -45 ºC.


Hexatronic Linkedin Timelinelink Nanocable

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