See Hexatronic’s Tool for Ultra Fast Outer Sheath Removal of Our Air Blown Fiber

21 Sep 2016

With this little stripping tool, you can quickly, easily and safely strip our air blown fiber. Put it on a keyring or have it in your pocket, so it is always nearby. Simple!



Hexatronic’s new stripping tool is made from a durable plastic material and has two slots for blown fiber; 2-6 fibers and 8-12 fibers. The tracks are designed to that the air blown fiber sheath can be peeled without damaging any of the fibers underneath.


Hexatronic’s ABF Stripping Tool:

  • Strips all types of Hexatronic air blown fiber
  • Easy to use
  • Compact and robust
  • Low cost
  • Can be used for up to 500 peelings


When the stripping tool isn’t being used, it fits easily into a pocket. It can also be attached to the keyring that comes with it. For easy handling during use the tool can be slipped onto a finger. Please note that this tool is adapted especially for Hexatronic’s air blown fiber and cannot be used with other fiber brands.


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