Ribbon Line Marking of Fiber Optic Ribbon Cables

01 Jul 2015

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Hexatronic is offering line marked ribbons in their fiber optic ribbon cables to facilitate splicing. The distinctive labeling on the ribbons makes it easier for the installer to identify the ribbon and fibers, compared to alternative methods.


Hexatronic’s unique ribbon marking will remain on the cable for its entire life span. The method involves considerable time saving during installation and eliminates the risk of costly mistakes.


This is how it works:
Fiber optic ribbon cables usually consist of a slotted core, where every slot can hold one or more ribbons. When splicing, the ribbon in every slot must be separated with a unique code label. Every fiber that’s inside the ribbon must also be separated by color.


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With Hexatronic’s method the ribbon is labeled in short intervals, normally with 1-4 marked lines to identify the ribbon 1-4 in one groove. The fibers in the ribbon can be identified by an easy sequence, for example 1=red, 2=blue, 3=white, 4=green. This gives a clear and logical labeling which is easy for the installer to see.


Line marking is standard for all of Hexatronic’s ribbon cables from 4 to 1000 fibers. 

Product example of Hexatronic's Ribbon cable with line marking