Quick and Effective Customer Support for the Entire Installation

19 Oct 2015

Sales Group


Being available for customers and providing a prompt service are top priorities for Hexatronic customer support. The team is on hand for all phases of the customer’s installation project.


As a Hexatronic customer, you have the whole support team at your service. The team consists of sales support staff, technical developers and installation engineers. All of them have the same goal; to provide the best possible support from planning a project, to completing an installation.


Hexatronic's sales support answers questions, process sales orders and assists the sales team, while installation engineers give demonstrations and provide on-site technical support during the installation. The technical development team offers support through their detailed product knowledge and advising on which products work best in different situations. 

Jonas Wendelstjerna is the Business Manager responsible for Hexatronic's customers in Sweden. "Our goal is for our customers to be able to call the support team with any question they have. If the person answering the call can't give an answer, then they have a whole team of technicians, engineers and sales staff that can back them up and give them the help they need, The support team always ensures that the customers get the answers they need. Contacting Hexatronic should be easy and the response should be fast," says Jonas.


 Maria Vikström is a member of the Sales Support team for Sweden. "For us it's important to be available and to provide quick and accurate service when customers need it." "We often get questions about which products would be best for certain installations and how quickly we can deliver. We also respond to more general installation issues and we are available to give support with the actual installation," says Maria.


 Maria V


"Time is often a critical factor once an installation has begun. Sometimes the customers who contact us need products for the next day. Usually we can solve it, at least  if the installation is in Sweden."


"As Hexatronic has both manufacturing and the warehouse in Sweden, we can send out an order the same day we receive it," explains Maria. The customer then gets  the products they need, the very next day. "In that area we have a huge advantage compared to other suppliers abroad, who have to ship products by sea or air." 


If the products are in stock, Hexatronic Sales Support always sends out an order the same day it is received. The team responds to all emails within 24 hours and is always available to talk to on the phone, during working hours.


"We have a good relationship with our customers, which is important for us to be able to give them the best possible service. If we know what projects they have planned, we can make sure they receive the products they need on time. We can also plan the amount of support they need before, during or after an installation," says Maria.


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