Quick and Easy Installations for Lake and River Crossings

11 Jan 2017

Hexatronic Timelinelink Insjokabel

Hexatronic's new Underwater Cable is ideal for shallow underwater installations where moderate protection is required.


Hexatronic's Underwater Cable with 12-192 fibers is a submarine cable designed for shallow waters, perfect when you need to install cable for short distances under the water. It is based on a slotted core fiber ribbon design for maximum protection. The fibers are protected by an aluminum foil and a polyethylene sheath. Outside the sheath there is a layer of galvanized steel wires covered with a heavy-duty layer of HDPE polymer. The steel wire reinforcement makes the cable resistant to pressure, which makes it ideal for installation during rough conditions.



Benefits of Hexatronic Underwater Cable

  • Underwater cable optimized for shallow installations down to 100 m
  • Suitable for lakes and river crossings in access and trunk networks
  • Slim, lightweight armored
  • Ribbon fiber design for maximum robustness and easy splicing
  • Easy to prepare and install, no sticky bitumen
  • Up to 192 fibers


Technical Information
Design: Ribbon, lightweight protected
Max depth: 100 m
Diameter: 20-24 mm
Type: Lakes and River Crossings
Capacity: 12 - 192 fibers


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