Hexatronic To Launch New Products and a New Total System Solution for FTTH

09 Feb 2017

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In Hexatronic's booth S20 at the FTTH Conference 2017 in Marseille, you will find several new products alongside the most important launch of the Fiber Access MATRIX – a complete system for FTTH installations covering all network segments – from the central office to the end user.


The Fiber Access MATRIX
The Fiber Access MATRIX is a complete system of products, carefully selected for their good installation characteristics and a high quality that guarantees a long performance life. All products are designed and developed by Hexatronic to fit together as one complete system, and many of them are also manufactured in our own facilities. This gives Hexatronic total control of every product in the system, which guarantees top notch quality in every detail. 


The Fiber Access MATRIX is a total system solution that can be used for all parts of the network. The products within the system can be fully integrated and the network can then be easily expanded. Regardless if the installation will go via the ground, the air, through water or indoors, the MATRIX System offers the right solution. The system offering also includes installation training. 


”We are now taking our offering a step further with the Fiber Access MATRIX system. By designing the products to fit together as one complete system, we can make the whole process easier for the customer – from planning to finished installation. Within the system we also educate and train installers and project planners, since having the right knowledge is the key to lowering installation costs.  Our ambition with the Fiber Access MATRIX is to contribute to quick and effective installation of high quality networks, giving our customers a strong competitive edge,” says Henrik Larsson Lyon, CEO Hexatronic Group.



Stingray is a fast, high-performance air blown fiber developed to keep its unique characteristics and deliver perfect results even in really tough conditions. A new high-tech sheath material makes it easier to remove the sheath and improves the blowing performance. The 2-fiber version of the air blown fiber has also been strengthened by a filler wire that makes the fiber even more robust and significantly increases the blowing performance.


Stingray’s unique features for smooth operation includea 0% sheath shrinkage which eliminates fragile splice points, +20% increased blowing performance for fast and easy installation and +25% extended temperature range from -50° to +85°C.
*Deliveries will start during Q2 - 2017


Installation Tool for Air Blown Fiber - Nano Cable
A class leading installation tool that has been designed for optimized installation performance of Hexatronic Nano Cables into microducts. The tool consists of a body that guides and feeds the fiber unit into the microduct. It can be used either as just a pusher or in combination with compressed air as a blowing tool. With an installation speed of up to 150 m per minute, the installation tool is easy to use, calibration free and suitable for microduct inner diameters between 3.5-10mm. 
*Deliveries will start during Q2 - 2017


Viper Series is Now Complete
A new 48-96f cable, which is being launched at FTTH 2017 will complete the successful Viper Series. The extremely slim and powerful micro cable series now has four cables which are flexible and robust micro cables. The superior blowing performance of the Viper series enables a fast and smooth installation, which reduces installation costs and saves time. Viper is the only micro cable series on the market that offers ultra slim design with standard 250µm fibers.


The cables can be blown beyond 2000 m, which is over 25% further than a standard cable, lowering installation costs by up to 25%.  Compared to a standard micro cable installed in larger ducts, the Viper series can be used which lowers costs of handling and transport by up to 40%. The material costs for ducts can be up to 30% lower.
*Deliveries will start during Q2 - 2017


Welcome to Hexatronic's launch at FTTH 2017 in Marseille - booth S20! 


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