Hexatronic To Launch 192-fiber Micro Cable and Nano Cable at Elfack

29 Apr 2015

At the exhibition we will present other new products, including our new  brand DCIO Data Center Solutions. Come to our booth E03:22 and discover the newest products from Hexatronic that are set to transform the industry! 


192-fiber High Performance Micro Cable

With a unique design, the cable diameter has been reduced down to only 7,9mm without affecting durability and performance. The cable can easily be installed by air blowing for up to 2 km in all types of ducts with an inner diameter of 10mm, one of the most common ducts that is currently used. The cable is very robust and able withstand Nordic conditions. With an extremely wide temperature range from -40 to + 70°, the 192-fiber Micro Cable guarantees maximum safety. 


The 192-fiber cable has a design where the fiber, the inner shell and tube has been optimized to get as small a cable diameter as possible, while the installation properties and robustness are maximized. The inner tubes of polyamide provide an extremely robust construction that can withstand harsh conditions during installation and facilitates cable splicing.


The Micro Cable is only 7.9 mm in diameter and can easily be air blown for 1-2km in existing 10mm ducts. During testing the cable was blown 2 km in 37 minutes. The cable can also be air blown in without cable lubricant, in shorter distances of up to 1 km.


Watch the video of when the legendary "Red Indian" installs our 192-fiber Micro Cable.



Nano Cable

Nano Cable is a newly developed cable within the FTTH, fiber to the home product range. It has been developed in response to customer requests for a cable that is durable and easy to install. Nano Cable can both be installed by hand and air blown into micro ducts. When installed without the blowing tool, the cable can be pushed up to 100 meters, which means that you get an easy and time-saving installation, as the air blowing equipment is not always needed. When using with the air blown fiber installation tool, it is possible to blow in the Nano Cable up to 1 km or more in ducts with an inner diameter from 3.5mm to 10mm. An extremely wide temperature range of between -45 to + 70 ° guarantees maximum safety, even in our northern climate. 


The robust outer sheath is made from a low friction material and when used in combination with Hexatronic ducts, the optimal conditions are achieved for high quality and cost-effective installations. With a slim and robust design, the Nano Cable can be installed by hand over a distance up to 100 meters in 7/3.5 ducts, or air blown in for 1 km or more in 14/10 ducts. This means that you can air blow the Nano Cable between the fiber optic splicing cabinets along the roads. When installing from splice cabinets to a property, the Nano Cable can be in many cases installed by hand, by the person carrying out the installation. This provides a major cost saving for the installer, as several procedures can be done quickly, easily and efficiently.


Nanokabel Och 192 Fiber Bild


Click here to visit the Nano Cable product page.