Hexatronic Supplies the Last Cable Drum to Skanova Backbone North

12 Oct 2016

Over the last two years Hexatronic has delivered over 1300 km of cable to Skanova Backbone North, which is one of Sweden's most important network projects. The diverse conditions along the route has involved several different approaches. Most of the route has ribbon cable in ducts. When lakes, rivers and streams crossed the route Hexatronic laid its own submarine cable, which has proven to be an excellent addition. Water crossing points include, among others, the big lakes Siljan in Dalarna and Storsjön in Jämtland.


Hexatronic Linkedin Timelinelink Trummor2

Håkan Bäckström and Pelle Nordgren 


There was a great atmosphere in the Hexatronic factory when the very last golden drum was loaded for transportation.


”It is with pride that we bring this project to a close. We thank Skanova for its confidence in Hexatronic to implement such a large and important project”, says Håkan Bäckström, Vice President and Sales and Marketing at Hexatronic Cables & Interconnect Systems in Hudiksvall.


The new network will be operational during 2017 and will improve the digital connection between northern and central Sweden.

”Hexatronics flexibility and capacity in terms of both quality and delivery has meant a lot to us as a customer. We really appreciate Hexatronic’s ability to adapt the deliveries according to our needs”, explains Stefan Kumlin, Logistics Project Manager at Skanova.


The project Skanova Backbone North is a 1250 km long transport network between Örebro and Luleå. The route goes through the inland part of Norrland with the purpose of strengthening the capacity and redundancy of the transport network, including among other things Facebook's servers in Lulea.



The very last golden drum arrives

Hexatronic Linkedin Timelinelink Trummor

Pelle Nordgren, Hexatronic's logistics coordinator in the project thanks 
Roland Kempainen, the Production Managerchef at Skanska for a good collaboration