Hexatronic Supplies Products to Ledmont in a Three Year Assignment

02 Mar 2017

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Ledmont AB has been commissioned to complete the remaining fiber rollout in Eda Municipality in Värmland, Sweden. They chose Hexatronic as their supplier.

"The collaboration with Hexatronic has worked very well", says Jörgen Lundgren, CEO of Ledmont.


In the autumn of 2016 Ledmont AB signed an agreement with Eda Municipality in Värmland. The assignment was for three years and covers all the remaining fiber rollout of underground ducting for the fiber backbone in Eda. It included complete fiber installation including splicing in splice boxes, cabinets and manholes as well as welding and mounting into ODF nodes.

Ledmont had certain needs as they searched for a solution. The ducts that were installed had a dimension of 32/26. In sections where it could be air blown in, it can vary from between 96, 288 and 384 fiber cables. There can therefore be problems where it can be either too much or too little space in the ducts.


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When Ledmont chose their supplier, they had several criteria as a basis. First and foremost they wanted the materials to be approved by Skanova, Swedens leading fiber infrastructure owner. Then they looked at delivery of materials.
"We chose Hexatronic's cables as they meet Skanova requirements and we knew Hexatronic was able to deliver at short notice", says Jörgen Lundgren.
When the partnership with Hexatronic began, Ledmont spoke with Jan Helin, Business Manager for Sweden to find the right cable type. The material was then delivered to the right place at the right time. Beside this Ledmont ordered other cables at short notice, which were also delivered on time. During installation, Krister Sundin from Hexatronic's Field Support joined Ledmont for a few days
"For us the field support was valuable and rewarding", says Jörgen.

Ledmont is satisfied with the project and the working relationship they have with Hexatronic.
"It's an exciting project with specific demands on both materials the installation which we were able to meet with the help of Hexatronic expertise and support”, says Jörgen.


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