Hexatronic Strengthens its Sales Support Team!

28 Apr 2016


Meet the two newest members who each bring something special to the Hudiksvall site in Sweden.

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Amanda Fredlund -  Putting theory into practice 

Amanda has spent the last 3 years studying Chemical Engineering, with a focus on materials, at Uppsala University. Amanda joined Hexatronic at the beginning of April and is enjoying being a part of the team, “My colleagues have been really helpful and easy to get along with.”


Amanda brings with her an in-depth knowledge and understanding of of the materials used in fiber optics and why certain materials are chosen over others. This allows her to help each customer with the best products for each installation or project.


“I have been studying materials as part of my degree, so it’s great to put all of my knowledge to use and to really make a difference to the end customer,” explains Amanda.



Sven-Erik Sundin – Fiber Optic Expert

Sven-Erik has spent 12 years working within fiber optics. He brings with him 7 years of experience within submarine cables, a year working within sheathing and access flow and a year within sales support and forecasting. 


Sven-Erik’s extensive product knowledge and understanding of the market enables him to easily understand the customer’s needs, “After working within fiber optics for so many years I really know what challenges the customers face and the different solutions that can work in a variety of situations.”


He has recently moved back to Hudiksvall and says that he’s really enjoying being a part of Hexatronic, “I work with a great team which consists of professional people who do their utmost for their colleagues and customers. I love the way that the company is expanding and investing in a new duct line, it feels great that there is a lot of ambition right now.”


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