Hexatronic’s Winning Boost Innovation Challenge

14 Oct 2015

Hexatronic Cables & Interconnect Systems has won second place for its challenge in the Boost Innovation 3.0 competition, with the winner of the challenge being announced as Kieran Stone from the UK.


The Boost Innovation 3.0 competition by Fiber Optic Valley chooses three business related challenges submitted by number of companies. The best three proposals for each challenge are then chosen as the winners.


Hexatronic’s challenge “Find a smarter way to install fiber optics!” was chosen as number two in the competition. Students, researchers and entrepreneurs from all over the world took part to find a solution for compressed-air-free fiber optic installation.


The winner of Hexatronic’s challenge is Kieran Stone, for his proposal, of several well-known air blown fiber techniques in one unique and ingenious combination. Kieran’s idea also shows what is required to develop and validate the technique to a workable solution. His proposal has been chosen due to its high level of innovation, which was well thought out, realistic and has a great commercial potential.


Hexatronic was chosen by Fiber Optic Valley as having the second best innovative challenge in the competition. The solution to the challenges will mean increased competitiveness, higher profitability and more efficient business. The Boost Innovation 3.0 competition reached over a million participants worldwide.


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Boost Innovation

From left: Patrik Ottosson from Radarbolaget, Peter Lo Curzio from Hexatronic Cables and Interconnect Systems and Benny Gäfvert from Rovdjurscentret De Fem Stora.