Hexatronic’s Production Team Keeps on Growing!

10 May 2016

As Hexatronic continues with its strong sales growth, the production team expands to meet demand. Here are two members of the team that work in the heart of the Hexatronic site, on the production floor.

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Felix Nilsson – Machine Operator
Felix Nilsson has been working for Hexatronic as a Machine Operator for four weeks. His duties include maintaining the machines, keeping everything operating as it should and ensuring a high level of quality as the machines make the products.

Felix likes the feeling of working on the production floor, “It’s great because I see things happening around me all the time and how we successfully create these products at the start of the production process.”
The combination of a highly functioning machine and a human quality control safeguards that all products meet the high quality standards Hexatronic promises its customers, “We ensure that the machine operates within certain limits and fine tune it. Although the machine makes the product we keep it running to the best of its ability,” explains Felix.
So how does the future look for Felix in his new role? “Well right now the future seems really bright for Hexatronic, so I definitely want to grow with the company and expand within my role,” says Felix.


Pär Gustafsson – Electrical Design Engineer
Pär Gustafsson works on the Service and Maintenance team with mechanics, electricians and automation technicians. They maintain all of the machines on the factory floor, which includes building new machines and rebuilding older ones. “I like building new things and there is a lot of that happening right now due to the company expanding so much,” says Pär.

He says that it’s great that the expertise of the people in Hudiksvall means that production can carried out close to the customers, “It’s important that we have a local fiber manufacturer and it’s great that we can keep production in Sweden.”
Pär explains how his team not only plays a huge part in the quality of the end product but also in the expansion and continued development of the company, “There are new investments, such as the new duct line and Hexatronic is also looking into investing in more machines which my team will work with.”


Hexatronic Production
Take a look inside the heart of Hexatronic’s operation in Hudiksvall, Sweden and get a sense of the departments and stages behind product development, production and logistics.