Hexatronic Receives a Gift for Good Delivery, High Quality and Excellent Service

17 May 2017

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It's not every day you receive such a nice gift! The ornament represents a sea shell, containing a dhow (a long boat used for fishing and pearl fishing) and is a symbol of ancient traditions of pearl fishing in Qatar. We have received it from our customer, The Qatar Armed Forces, as a thank you for good delivery, high quality and excellent service.


Jan Aronsson (on the left) is Business Manager for the Middle East & Africa and the ornament was sent to him for further delivery to our factory in Hudiksvall. The picture shows the moment just after it was received at a quarterly meeting, by IF Metal's chairman, Mikael Andersson, Hexatronic’s Head of Planning & Purchasing, Thomas Norlund and Hexatronic Production Manager Ulf Strandell.


Hexatronic has been supplying traditional cable systems to Qatar Armed Forces since 1998 and micronet systems with duct, cables and accessories since 2006.