Hexatronic Officially Opens New Viper Production Line

21 Jun 2017

Hex Inv Mikro 474A7520

Hexatronic officially opens new VIPER line – capacity triples. Hexatronic launched its new powerful production line for Viper cables, a series of highly-demanded products on the market. Around thirty customers and important partners from the Nordic countries participated, and several of them confirmed that the investment is a very positive signal from Hexatronic. The greatly increased capacity creates value in terms of increased delivery reliability and flexibility. With the new line Hexatronic in Hudiksvall triples its production capacity of the popular micro cables. 


Hex Inv Mikro 474A7584


Snygg Viper Ljus



Hex Inv Mikro 474A7504


Hex Inv Mikro 474A7529


Hex Inv Mikro 474A7605


Hex Inv Mikro 474A7608


Hex Inv Mikro 474A7621


Hex Inv Mikro 474A7654


Hex Inv Mikro 474A7662


Hex Inv Mikro 474A7675


Per O Bosse




Gunnilla Vipe O Stingray