Hexatronic Launches the Fiber Access MATRIX

14 Feb 2017

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The Fiber Access Matrix

A complete system of products and solutions for FTTH installation designed and developed to ensure lowest total cost of ownership, highest capacity and best possible scalability.




We are now taking our offering a step further with a complete system of products, carefully selected for their good installation characteristics and a high quality that guarantees a long performance life. All products are designed and developed by Hexatronic to fit together as one complete system, which guarantees top notch quality in every detail.


The Fiber Access MATRIX is a total system solution that can be used for all parts of the network. The products within the system can be fully integrated and the network can then be easily expanded. This new structure makes it easier for the customer to find exactly what they need, starting from the actual installation or project and working to find the right solutions for each individual job task.
The system includes products for aerial, ground, underwater and indoor installation.


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The Fiber Access MATRIX consists of three subsystems:

Central Office MATRIX


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Feeder & Distribution MATRIX


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Drop & Premises MATRIX


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The System Includes Education and Field Support
Within the system we offer field support and also educate and train installers and project planners, since having the right knowledge is the key to lowering installation costs. This contributes to quick and effective installations, meaning that our customers have a strong competitive edge with their chosen products and technologies.


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