Hexatronic Installation Demonstration of the New Viper and Nano Cables in Qatar

04 Nov 2015


Hexatronic and its distributor in Qatar, Al Baud, have had a successful demonstration of the Viper and Nano cables today.


The demonstration focused on air blowing the Hexatronic Micronet Viper cable and the Nano cable in a test installation, which received great interest from the media, customers and installers.


Al Baud Technologies W.L.L. has already used the Micronet product portfolio in Qatar for a number of different projects and locations. Qatar is expected to be top in the world in terms of fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) Internet penetration by next year as all of the residential and commercial buildings will be connected with fiber by the end of 2016. 


The existing ducting capacity can be more than doubled with the new 144 fiber Viper cable, which is flexible and robust with unbeatable blowing performance – even in 10/8 mm ducts. The Nano cable has been developed in response to customer requests for a durable and easy to install cable, which can be either air blown more than 1000 meters into micro ducts or pushed by hand up to 100 meters.


“We’ve had an unbelievable response to the new cable, here in Qatar,” said Krister Sundin, who conducted the demonstration.


“Both our new Nano cable and the 144 fiber Viper cable will soon be installed here in the Middle East,” says Jan Aronsson, Hexatronic Business Manager for the Middle East and Africa. “The need for more fiber capacity is steadily growing,” he continues.



Henrik Larsson Lyon, CEO Hexatronic, Dr. Khalifa, CEO Al Baud and Jan Aronsson, Business Area Manager Hexatronic, are pleased with today's successful demonstration of Viper and Nano.


Jan Aronsson, Business Area Manager Hexatronic explains the benefits of the Hexatronic Viper and Nano cables.