Hexatronic Group AB Decides to Further Develop its Sustainability Efforts

05 Sep 2017

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Hexatronic wants to be active and focus on developing a sustainable business enterprise. We are constantly striving for higher quality and working towards sustainable development. We work to deliver top quality products and services to our customers, while doing our best to protect the environment and encouraging our personnel to do the same.


As part of our sustainability work, we have created an internal development team with the goal of expanding and clarifying sustainability related business development, in dialogue with the board and executive management. The results will be published in Hexatronic’s first Sustainability Report for the 2016/2017 financial year.


The Global Sustainability Objectives aim at eradicating extreme poverty, reducing inequalities and combating climate change. The objectives are based on three dimensions - economic, social and environmental sustainability.


"It’s important that we develop and clarify our sustainability efforts throughout the Group by structuring, documenting and presenting our sustainability work externally," says Henrik Larsson Lyon, CEO of Hexatronic Group AB.