Hexatronic appoints Tomas Jendel as Chief Technical Officer (CTO)

03 Apr 2020

Hexatronic Chief Technical Officers Cto Tomas Kieran Peter

In order to further strengthen our focus on our FTTH, Wireless Infrastructure and Smart cities systems, Tomas Jendel is appointed CTO of Hexatronic Group.


Tomas brings a lot of experience in the FTTH area where he has kept roles within R&D, Product Management and Management in Ericsson and Hexatronic. Tomas will be heading our new systems group, responsible for further enhancing our systems for the benefit of our customers. The focus continues to be high quality solutions that are easy to install and brings our customers the best in class TCO (Total Cost of Ownership.) 


We also makes the following appointments as key contributors in the new systems group:


Peter Lo Curzio is appointed deputy CTO with a special focus on fiber optic cables and ducts. Peter has 25 years experience with FTTH in the Nordics as well as globally.


Kieran Stone is appointed deputy CTO with a special focus on connectivity solutions. Kieran has 20 years experience of connectivity solutions and FTTH systems both in the UK and globally.