Field Support is an Integral Part of Hexatronic's Offering

24 Feb 2017

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Hexatronic's field support is on hand to provide advice and practical assistance to installers in Sweden and the rest of the world and offers help out in the field.


Krister is one of several employees working for Hexatronic’s Swedish Field Support Team, who travel around the country supporting installers in their projects. Krister and his colleagues offer guidance and give support and advice on which products are best suited to different situations, demonstrating how they work and providing technical support during the installation.


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Krister contributes by providing practical help, answering questions and sharing his valuable knowledge, just at the right time, when the network is being installed.
“Being on hand to support our customers during this important stage of their project is invaluable. I have several years of experience to draw on and not only do I give them technical support, I also give them peace of mind,” says Krister.
Our field support ensures that Hexatronic's systems give the best quality performance during installation and guarantees a secure network for the future.


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