An Even Better Air Blown Fiber is Launched – ABF Ultra

05 May 2015

Abf Ultra


ABF Ultra is an improved version of the Hexatronic regular air blown fiber. ABF Ultra has an even better blowing performance, has no sheath shrinkage and is quicker and easier to prepare for splicing. A unique fiber casing eliminates the risk for fiber shrinkage and ensures stable operation, even under extreme temperature changes.



  • Completely shrink free
  • Up to 10% better blowing capabilities
  • Easier splicing
  • Reduced installation times
  • Temperature range adapted for the Nordic climate of -50° to +85° C


A new material in the fiber casing improves the air blowing capabilities and eliminates the risk for fiber displacement, as a result of shrinkage due to temperature changes. The fiber has improved environmental qualities and can withstand temperatures from -50° to +85° C.


ABF Ultra has up to a 10% better blowing capability than our regular air blown fiber, which makes longer installation distances and reduced installation times possible. The material in the fiber casing makes the fiber easier to prepare for splicing, which also helps to reduce installation times and therefore reduces installation costs.


The optimized air blown fiber has been designed for stable operation in an extremely wide temperature range. Reduced installation costs combined with a unique operational stability means that ABF Ultra fiber gives network owners a sense of security and customer satisfaction.