CityFibre CEO Greg Mesch in interview about the strategic partnership with Hexatronic

Greg Mesch explains why Hexatronic is a strategic supplier for CityFibre in their rollout of full fibre network in the UK.   In this interview made at the FTTH Conference in Amsterdam, Greg Mesch re… Read more

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Suboptic 2019

Amber Case (Designing Calm Technology), the SubOptic2019 keynote speaker, visits the Hexatronic booth and receives a cable sample of our 192 fiber submarine cable. Read more

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New Hexatronic Partner In Switzerland and Italy

Hexatronic and Solifos have entered into a partnership together, where Solifos will be our exclusive distributor for the Hexatronic products and solutions In Switzerland and North Italy. "Together we … Read more

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Hexatronic Against Corruption

We want to highlight one of the UN's international Theme Days, the International Anti-Corruption Day, which takes place on December 9th each year.   High Business Ethics is a significant sustainabilit… Read more

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Rosa Bandet 2018

DELTA I HEXATRONICS ROSA BANDET-KAMPANJ   Buda hem det allra första exemplaret av vårt nya blåsverktyg för Stingray! Under oktober månad auktionerar vi ut det allra första exemplaret av den nya gener… Read more

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Hexatronic Launches Innovative InOne Air Blown Power and Fiber System

Hexatronic introduces InOne at the ANGA COM exhibition in Cologne, Germany.   InOne is an air blown power and fiber system optimized for 5G and Smart Cities. Forget complictated installations and mult… Read more

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Fiber Moment Competition

Share your Fiber Moment with us to show the important job you do of connecting people to the digital world! Capture a Fiber Moment and upload a picture onto Hexatronic's Facebook page of at least one … Read more

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New Product Catalogue 2018

Two product catalogues with 126 years of history! Our brand new Product Catalogue is now available! Read the catalogue here   Did you know that Hexatronics's cable operations dates back to the 19th ce… Read more

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Hexatronic introduces Raptor

Hexatronic introduces Raptor, the new Nano Cable System for FTTH!   Read more! Read more

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FTTH Conference 2018

Will you visit the FTTH Conference in Valencia?  Make sure to join the workshop organized by Hexatronic together with ELTEL, RISE Acreo, Gotland region and Mikael Karlström by the February 13th at 10:… Read more

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Hexatronic in Optical Connections Magazine

Read the article in Optical Connections about Hexatronic's presentation at the ECOC exhibition, about the challenges in the FTTH- buildout around Europe. EUROPE'S MASSIVE FTTX ROLLOUT DEMANDS NEW METH… Read more

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Rosa Bandet 2017

Hexatronic supports the Breast Cancer Awareness Month of October and the rosa bandet (pink ribbon) campaign. Vår rosa bandet kampanj är nu avslutad! Vi är otroligt stolta över att kunna presentera res… Read more

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Elmässan 2017

Hexatronic will exhibit at Scandinavia's largest exhibition for electrical installations, Elmässan. The event takes place October 18-19 at Kistamässan, Stockholm.   Come and see our exciting product… Read more

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Hexatronic Group AB Decides to Further Develop its Sustainability Efforts

Hexatronic wants to be active and focus on developing a sustainable business enterprise. We are constantly striving for higher quality and working towards sustainable development. We work to deliver t… Read more

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Hexatronic Officially Opens New Viper Production Line

Hexatronic officially opens new VIPER line – capacity triples. Hexatronic launched its new powerful production line for Viper cables, a series of highly-demanded products on the market. Around thirty … Read more

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From Helsinki to Wellington - Quality and Customer Care are the Focus

Marko Merenheimo moved from Hexatronic Finland to help develop Hexatronic New Zealand in February 2017.   The answer was "Yes!" as Marko Merenheimo, former Technical Sales at Hexatronic in Finland r… Read more

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Hexatronic Receives a Gift for Good Delivery, High Quality and Excellent Service

It's not every day you receive such a nice gift! The ornament represents a sea shell, containing a dhow (a long boat used for fishing and pearl fishing) and is a symbol of ancient traditions of pearl … Read more

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Hexatronic's Booth Attracts a Lot of Attention at One of This Years' Most Important Exhibitions - Elfack

Lots of visitors, from both Sweden and Europe have been finding out about our new products and complete system solutions for fiber networks.   A hugely popular attraction to the booth is the fiber w… Read more

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Hexatronic Wins New Submarine Cable Orders Worth a Total of 25 MSEK

Hexatronic Cables & Interconnect Systems AB, a wholly owned subsidiary of Hexatronic Group AB, has in a short time secured several orders for fiber optic submarine cable.   These orders are for … Read more

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Smart New Installation Tool for Hexatronic's Nano Cable

With our new installation tool you can push or air blow our popular Nano cable even faster and further   The air blowing installation tool consists of a base unit which feeds the Nan… Read more

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Hexatronic Supplies Products to Ledmont in a Three Year Assignment

Ledmont AB has been commissioned to complete the remaining fiber rollout in Eda Municipality in Värmland, Sweden. They chose Hexatronic as their supplier."The collaboration with Hexatronic has worked … Read more

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Field Support is an Integral Part of Hexatronic's Offering

Hexatronic's field support is on hand to provide advice and practical assistance to installers in Sweden and the rest of the world and offers help out in the field.   Krister is one of several emplo… Read more

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Hexatronic Launches the Fiber Access MATRIX

The Fiber Access Matrix A complete system of products and solutions for FTTH installation designed and developed to ensure lowest total cost of ownership, highest capacity and best possible scalabili… Read more

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Hexatronic Launches Stingray Air Blown Fiber

With Stingray you are always ready to meet your next installation challenge Stingray is a high-performance air blown fiber developed to keep its unique characteristics and deliver perfect results – e… Read more

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The Viper Series is Complete with a New 48-96f Cable

The Viper family now has four cables which are extra slim, flexible and robust micro cables with unbeatable blowing performance.   The Viper Series Extra slim design for smooth installati… Read more

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Hexatronic To Launch New Products and a New Total System Solution for FTTH

In Hexatronic's booth S20 at the FTTH Conference 2017 in Marseille, you will find several new products alongside the most important launch of the Fiber Access MATRIX – a complete system for FTTH insta… Read more

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Quick and Easy Installations for Lake and River Crossings

Hexatronic's new Underwater Cable is ideal for shallow underwater installations where moderate protection is required.   Hexatronic's Underwater Cable with 12-192 fibers is a submarine cable designe… Read more

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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Hexatronic wishes all of our colleagues, partners and customers a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Read more

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Hexatronic Wins Submarine Cable Order Worth 22 MSEK

Hexatronic Cables & Interconnect Systems has secured an important fiber optic submarine cable order. The contract is one of the largest the company has recieved and the main part of the delivery w… Read more

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A New Member Joins the Hexatronic Team in Finland

Hexatronic’s expansion in Finland continues, as the demand for future proof and powerful broadband networks grows rapidly.    The office in Helsinki now welcomes Jori Renfors as a Technical Sales Ma… Read more

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Nile ICT Becomes a Hexatronic Distributor in Egypt

Nile ICT Cairo becomes a Hexatronic distribution partner in Egypt. Nile ICT has 20 employees and operates in the ICT sector as a system solution partner. One of its focus areas is fiber optic networks… Read more

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Hexatronic Supplies the Last Cable Drum to Skanova Backbone North

Over the last two years Hexatronic has delivered over 1300 km of cable to Skanova Backbone North, which is one of Sweden's most important network projects. The diverse conditions along the route has i… Read more

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See Hexatronic’s Tool for Ultra Fast Outer Sheath Removal of Our Air Blown Fiber

With this little stripping tool, you can quickly, easily and safely strip our air blown fiber. Put it on a keyring or have it in your pocket, so it is always nearby. Simple!     Hexatronic’s new … Read more

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Hexatronic is Part of a Leading Testbed for Future Technologies

Hexatronic is part of the Urban ICT Arena's mission to develop sustainable cities and boost innovation.    The Urban ICT Arena (UICTA) is an open testbed area for co-operation, technological develop… Read more

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Two New Roles Strengthen Hexatronic in Southern Sweden

"I look forward to becoming a part of the sales and support team in Hexatronic. It feels great, right from the start we just clicked." says Kevin Fröderberg Quist, who will be responsible for Hexatron… Read more

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Hexatronic has taken over Ericsson´s fiber cable and duct business in New Zealand.

Hexatronic has acquired Ericsson´s fiber cable and duct business in New Zealand. Hexatronic Group AB (publ) has today taken over the business in Wellington, which will now be named Hexatronic New Zeal… Read more

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Hexatronic Officially Opens New Duct Production Line

Hexatronic Cables & Interconnect Systems ultramodern new duct production is now in operation after an official opening ceremony at the company's factory in Hudiksvall.   The high capacity microd… Read more

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The New Viper Mini 2-24f is Now Available

The New Viper Mini 2-24f with Super Low Friction Unbeatable blowing performance - can be installed in all ducts with an inner diameter of 5mm to 12mm.  Just like all of the other cables in the serie… Read more

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The Egyptian and Suez Canal Authority's (SCA) Collaboration with Hexatronic

The Egyptian and Suez Canal Authority (SCA) have paid a visit to Hexatronic where they were shown our total system solutions which included everything from ODF, to duct and cable. The visit went well … Read more

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Hexatronic Acquires Ericsson´s Fiber Cable and Duct Business in New Zealand

Hexatronic intends to operate and develop the existing fiber cable and duct business in New Zealand on a long-term basis. The acquisition takes place as a transfer of business and the new company will… Read more

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Hexatronic invests in a micro cable production line to meet increased demand

After the success of the company’s micro cable Hexatronic Viper and a continued strong sales growth, the company now invests in a new production line for micro cables. The investment will more than d… Read more

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The Kit for This Season's Air Blown Fiber Installations

Hexatronic's Ribbonet® Air Blown Fiber (ABF) system consists of air blown fibers, ducts, duct joints and accessories and Hexatronic’s patented lightweight air blowing tool.    Air Blown Fiber Instal… Read more

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Hexatronic’s Production Team Keeps on Growing!

As Hexatronic continues with its strong sales growth, the production team expands to meet demand. Here are two members of the team that work in the heart of the Hexatronic site, on the production floo… Read more

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Hexatronic Strengthens its Sales Support Team!

Meet the two newest members who each bring something special to the Hudiksvall site in Sweden.   Amanda Fredlund -  Putting theory into practice  Amanda has spent the last 3 years studying Chemical… Read more

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Viper Challenge Winner Visits Hexatronic to Receive Prize

Anders Holmberg received his Apple Watch when he visited the Hexatronic site in Hudiksvall.       Håkan Bäckström, Sales and Marketing Manager at Hexatronic, congratulated the Viper Challenge winn… Read more

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Take a Look Inside the Heart of Hexatronic’s Operation

Take a look inside the heart of Hexatronic’s operation in Hudiksvall, Sweden. Get a sense of the departments and stages behind product development, production and logistics of Hexatronic’s high perfor… Read more

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Watch Hexatronic Build the Booth at the FTTH Conference 2016

Hexatronic spent the day building the exhibition booth ahead of the FTTH Conference exhibition in Luxembourg. Several new products will be displayed in the booth. Read more

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The Viper Series Grows! Check Out the New Viper 2-24f

Hexatronic launches a new micro cable as part of the successful Viper series. The new Viper cable has 2 to 24 fiber, a diameter of only 4.0 mm and can be installed in all kinds of ducts with an inner … Read more

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Sähkö Tele Valo AV 2016 Exhibition in Finland

Hexatronic will be exhibiting at the Sähkö Tele Valo AV 2016 exhibition in Finland from February 3 -5   Come and meet us in booth B374, where we will be showing our latest products and presenting th… Read more

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Seasons Greetings

Hexatronic would like to wish You all A Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year. This year we have chosen to support Doctors Without Borders with a gift. Read more

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FTTH Conference 2016 in Luxembourg

Hexatronic will be exhibiting at the largest FTTH event in the world from February 16-18 in Luxembourg.   The Fiber To The Home yearly event includes a large exhibition floor presenting the latest F… Read more

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Hexatronic Distributor Expands Sales Network

Amherst Photonics, our distributor in the US market is growing its sales network and markets the Hexatronic  Ribbonet and Micronet systems. Interesting times ahead in a growing US fiber optic market. … Read more

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Increased Demand for Hexatronic’s Products Leads to a New Duct Production Line in Hudiksvall

Hexatronic Cables & Interconnect Systems has made an initial investment in an advanced duct production line at the company's factory in Hudiksvall.   The investment is part of Hexatronic’s strat… Read more

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Hexatronic Ships Submarine Cables From its Own Harbor to Customers Around the World

Hexatronic sends submarine cables directly from the factory, saving time and transportation costs. Watch the short video where Hexatronic loads 3 layer rock armored submarine cable onto a boat in its … Read more

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Hexatronic Installation Demonstration of the New Viper and Nano Cables in Qatar

Hexatronic and its distributor in Qatar, Al Baud, have had a successful demonstration of the Viper and Nano cables today.   The demonstration focused on air blowing the Hexatronic Micronet Viper c… Read more

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Hexatronic Supports Finland and the Baltic Countries

Hexatronic has recently opened an office in Helsinki to be closer to customers in Finland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.   Technical Sales Manager, Marko Merenheimo and Business Manager, Tomi … Read more

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Hexatronic Cables & Interconnect Systems Social Evening

On Tuesday a social evening took place in Hudiksvall for family and friends of Hexatronic Cables & Interconnect Systems employees. A fee hundred people took the chance to visit the site and social… Read more

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Quick and Effective Customer Support for the Entire Installation

Being available for customers and providing a prompt service are top priorities for Hexatronic customer support. The team is on hand for all phases of the customer’s installation project.   As … Read more

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Hexatronic’s Winning Boost Innovation Challenge

Hexatronic Cables & Interconnect Systems has won second place for its challenge in the Boost Innovation 3.0 competition, with the winner of the challenge being announced as Kieran Stone from the U… Read more

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Hexatronic Group Company The Blue Shift To Exhibit at ECOC Valencia

The Hexatronic Group Company, The Blue Shift will be exhibiting at the ECOC Valencia Conference on Optical Communication from September 28-30.   Come to The Blue Shift’s booths 810/811 to learn more… Read more

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Exciting Discussions at the Submarine Exhibition in Singapore!

Hexatronic had a great response at Submarine Networks World, where many visitors came to the booth.   Hexatronic had several discussions about new and upcoming projects and networked with customers,… Read more

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Hexatronic to Provide Subsea Cable Worth 10 MSEK to Global Submarine Installer

Hexatronic Cables & Interconnect Systems has secured a contract with A-2-Sea Solutions Limited, a privately owned British based company that installs and maintains subsea cable for some of the big… Read more

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Hexatronic to Show Groundbreaking new Products at Elmässan Exhibition

The electricity, IT and telecom branches will gather together at the Elmässan exhibition in Stockholm from October 14-15, where they will share the trends and innovations on the market.   Hexat… Read more

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Eltel Golf Event 2015

We would like to thank everyone that was a part of the Eltel golf event last Friday.   It was a wonderfully sunny day, where the telecoms branch gathered together at one of Malmö’s finest golf cours… Read more

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Hexatronic to Exhibit at Submarine Networks World in Singapore

Hexatronic will be presenting its complete submarine solutions for tomorrow’s global digital infrastructure at booth A10, at Submarine Networks World, from September 8 to 10.   Come to booth A10 to … Read more

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Hexatronic is Featured in Elektroskandia’s Latest Volt Telekom Issue

Hexatronic Cables & Interconnect Systems is a total system supplier for OneOak Network AB. Hexatronic supplies a complete system of Swedish-made duct, fiber cables, Air Blown Fiber and other equip… Read more

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Advanced Fiber System Solutions for FTTH Presented at FTTH Connect in Anaheim, California.

The cost and time effective Hexatronic Micronet and Ribbonet® Air Blown Fiber Systems are introduced to the American market at FTTH Connect in Anaheim.     Hexatronic’s high performance system sol… Read more

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Ribbon Line Marking of Fiber Optic Ribbon Cables

Hexatronic is offering line marked ribbons in their fiber optic ribbon cables to facilitate splicing. The distinctive labeling on the ribbons makes it easier for the installer to identify the rib… Read more

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The Season for Rural Broadband Rollout

It’s that time of year when rural communities install fiber optic broadband to meet the need for future proof and reliable Internet. For many smaller communities, fiber optic broadband increases their… Read more

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Elektroskandia Inaugurates Showroom in Stockholm and Hexatronic is One of the Exhibitors

Today Elektroskandia inaugurates its new showroom in Kista Stockholm, which will be used for meetings and demonstrations of new techniques within telecommunication and data.   Hexatronic is one of t… Read more

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Hexatronic Demonstrates Air Blown Fiber Techniques at REN Metodedager Exhibition in Norway

Fiber expansion was in focus at the REN Metodedager exhibition in Drammen, Norway, where Norwegian installers were able to test Hexatronic's solutions for fast and efficient fiber installation.   Th… Read more

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We Have a Winner for the Elfack Gothenburg Competition

Congratulations to Roger Helgesson, Sales/Infrastructure at Ahlsell, the winner of the competition which took place in Hexatronic's booth at Elfack.   Business Manager at Hexatronic, Jonas Wendelstj… Read more

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The Winner of the ABF Installation Tool Competition in Warsaw is Announced

Håkan Elden from Brunbjørn in Norway won Hexatronics ABF Installation tool competition, at the FTTH exhibition in Warsaw.    "This is the best tool we have used for air blowing fiber access to custome… Read more

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Hexatronic’s System Solutions Will Be Displayed at the FTTH Connect Exhibition in the USA

Hexatronic is exhibiting at FTTH Connect in Anaheim, California from June 29 to July 1, in booth 917. The FTTH Connect exhibition and conference aims to connect 1,300 topical experts, industry profes… Read more

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Successful Exhibition at Elfack

Thanks to everyone who visited our booth at Elfack in Gothenburg where we showed our system solutions and launched three new products. The contest at the booth for the first prize of an ABF In… Read more

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Great Interest for Hexatronic's Solutions at Elfack

The Elfack exhibition has opened in Gothenburg and theres so much happening in Hexatronic's booth E03:22. In addition to Hexatronic's total system solutions for FTTH, its the premiere for DCIO Data C… Read more

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Hexatronic To Launch 192-fiber Micro Cable and Nano Cable at Elfack

At the exhibition we will present other new products, including our new  brand DCIO Data Center Solutions. Come to our booth E03:22 and discover the newest products from Hexatronic that are set to tra… Read more

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Hexatronic Will Launch Several New Products at the Elfack 2015 Trade Fair

Come and meet us at booth E03:22!   We will be showing our latest products and presenting the unique benefits they offer for installers and network owners. Hexatronic’s Data Center Solutions new bra… Read more

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Thanks for visiting us at the FTTH Conference 2015

Thanks to everyone that visited our booth at B11 at the FTTH Conference 2015 in Warsaw!   We got a fantastic reception from our customers and visitors who were very interested in our quick and… Read more

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FTTH Conference 2015 in Warsaw

Hexatronic will be exhibiting at the largest FTTH-related conference in the world from February 10-12 in Warsaw. The Hexatronic Group will be represented by Hexatronic Cables & Interconnect System… Read more

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Hexatronic Signs Sales and Distribution Agreement with Toronics in Canada

Hexatronic Signs Sales and Distribution Agreement with Toronics in Canada Toronics will represent the complete product portfolio of Hexatronic in the Canadian market. In addition, Toronics will off… Read more

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Hexatronic to Premiere its Data Center Solutions at the Elmässan Exhibition in Stockholm

The intelligent data center solutions with advanced cooling, power and management capabilities will be presented from October 22 to 23.   Hexatronic will be represented by two of its companies at th… Read more

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Hexatronic to Showcase its Quality Swedish Submarine Cable Solutions in Singapore

The Submarine Networks World is a conference dedicated to the global submarine telecom industry, featuring the largest and most reputable organizations from around the world. Hexatronic Cables & … Read more

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