Mats Hammarström, Machine Operator

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Many People Think That Production Work is Monotomous and Boring, but not Me 

Mats Hammarström was born and raised in Bergsjö but has been living in Hudiksvall for 20 years. After working for a few years as a bus driver and a carpenter, he applied for a job as a machine operator in the Ericsson cable factory in 1995. Today, nearly 20 years later, he is still here.

Mats has extensive experience in production work. He has worked in most departments within the company, for example fiber, copper cable, fiber optic cable, braiding and sheathing. Mats’ drive to develop and learn new things has encouraged him to apply for advancement in the company after a few years of working in the same department. Since 2014 Mats has been working in the submarine cable division. “The company appreciates it if you can do a lot of different things and have general knowledge about the various machines. This allows me to temporarily jump into in any department if needed,” says Mats.

Most of Mats’ colleagues have, just like him, worked for a long time at the company and experienced how it was to work with Ericsson as the owner. The difference between then and now is huge. “To begin with, there are far fewer employees now,” says Mats. “It requires a different way of working and cooperation between the departments. The decision processes are shorter and you have a chance to make a bigger influence, which I think is a positive change.”

Mats thinks the best thing about working at Hexatronic is that the work is so varied and there are lots of opportunities to change job roles and departments if you want to. Regardless of the department the atmosphere is good and the colleagues are pleasant. 

Mats works shifts which means that he either works mornings (07:00 to 15:00), afternoons (15:00 to 23:00) or nights (23:00 to 07:00): Sometimes there is also work at the weekends. Working shifts suits him. When his children were small it meant that he had lots of time with them. Now as he is starting to get older its getting tough to work nights, but he still thinks the benefits outweigh the negatives. Most of the people working in production are middle aged, so Mats thinks it would be great to get more youngsters in the company.

“Many people think that production work is monotonous and boring, but not me. No two machines are the same and the products being manufactured vary so much, so that new things are happening all the time.”

If Mats has one wish for the future it would be that Hexatronic secured a big submarine cable project which would involve working abroad for a few months. “That would be fantastic way to learn more and it would be great to be a part of that. Lets see if it happens soon, I can always hope,” says Mats.


Mats Hammarström, Machine Operator
Age: 44
Lives: Hudiksvall