Accessories for Blowing, Lubrication and Cleaning


Micro-Cable End Caps


Brass end caps should be mounted on the cable end before blowing the micro-cable into the micro­-duct. The end cap forms a rounded tip that facilitates blowing through duct joints. They also prevent air from penetrating through the open cable end into the cable. These end caps are extra slim to enble blowing into slim microducts. An inner thread makes them easy to mount on the cable tip. The end caps can be re-used.


Technical Information
Design: Brass end caps
Type: For micro cables
Capacity: 2-8 mm

Blowing Beads


Beads that can be mounted on the tip of the air blown fibre unit for optimal blowing performance. This is recommended for long installation distances with many duct connectors or sharp bends. The beads come in two different sizes to suit the different blown fibre units. Blowing beads are sold in bags with 100 pcs.


Technical Information
Design: Blowing beads
Type: For air blown fibres
Capacity: 2-12f ABF

Cleaning Sponges


Cleaning sponges are used when cleaning dust or moisture from a micro-duct. The sponge is simply blown through the micro-duct by the air pressure from the installation tool. The sponges are also used to smear out cable blowing lubricant in micro-ducts. Cleaning sponges are sold in bags with 100 pcs.


Technical Information
Design: Cleaning sponges
Type: For micro ducts
Capacity: For micro-ducts ID Ø3.5-10 mm

Lubricant for Cable Installation into Micro-ducts - The Viper Venom

MTV11001 and MTV11002


Hexatronic Viper Venom is a lubricant for cable installation into micro-ducts. It is especially suitable for micro-cable and nano-cable installations.  The lubricant is non-toxic, easy clean up and non-flammable.Two versions exist: Standard version delivered in handy 0,24l bottles and all year version delivered in 1l bottles. The all year version has a freezing point of -15C and can therefore be used all year.


Technical Information
Design: Lubricant for microducts
Capacity:0,24l or 1l per bottle

Microduct Ice Flux

De-icing Agent for Microducts - MTV2100


The Hexatronic Micro-duct Ice Flux is a unique de-icing fluid that is primarily used to melt ice inside micro-ducts to enable a clear passage for fibre or cable blowing.
The fluid is non-toxic, non-flammable and when used as intended, does not harm the environment. It is almost non-corrosive.
The fluid does not affect plastic or rubber commonly used in micro-duct connectors and other accessories.
In contrary to alcohol based de-icing agents, the non-flammable properties ensure a safe working environment. No need to worry about electrical sparks, heated power sources etc.
The formula is classified as not hazardous according to regulation (EC) 1272/2008 (CLP).


Technical Information
Design: De-icing agent for micro-ducts

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