Fibre Optic Accessories

Typical accessories for fibre optic interconnect and splicing applications include ­various essential and optional products such as fibre optic adapters for Optical ­Distribution Frames (ODFs), splice sleeves and connector cleaners.




Fibre optic adapters for ODFs and termination units, all of premium grade to fit any kind of application. Simplex, duplex and quadruplex ­connector options. Adapters with shutters provide a safe mechanism for protecting laser radiation from harming eyes.


Technical Information
Design: Fibre optic connector adapters

End Plugs

NDM 501 901, NDM 501 902, NDM 501 903

Plugs to cover unused slots in ODF panels.


Technical Information
Slot options: SC, SC-duplex, FC, ST cut-out

Splice Protection Sleeves

NTA 162 12+

Sleeves for protection of fibre optic fusion splices, available as single fibre sleeves or as fibre ribbon sleeves.


Technical Information
Design: Fibre optic spice sleeves
Type: Single fibre 40 mm or 60 mm, ribbon fibre 40 mmn, Ribbon 2-12 fiber

Cleaning Sticks

LFS 150 101, LFS 150 102


Dust-free, high-grade cleaning sticks especially ­developed to minimize the risk of cotton nap getting onto connectors during cleaning. The sticks are suitable for 2.5 mm respectively 1.25 mm adapter types. The sticks are delivered in packages with 200 pcs.


Technical Information
Design: Cleaning stick for connectors
Type: High-grade, dust-free, for SC, FC, ST, E2000 LC, MU connector and adapter cleaning

Connector Cleaner

LTT 179 001+

This handy tool contains a dust removal tape for quick and easy cleaning of connector tips. For each cleaning cycle, a new section of tape is dispensed. Refill tapes are available.


Technical Information
Application: Connector top cleaning
Design: Connector cleaner
Tpe: High-grade, dust free tape

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