High Performance Nano-Cables

TOL 401 9070+

TOL4019070 Nano Cable 24f

Hexatronic nano 24 is an extremely robust and slim cable with 24 fibres that can be installed in all types of micro­-ducts with an inner diameter of 3.5 to 12 mm. The cable is typically installed by blowing, but short distances can easily be pushed by hand. This enables the nano-cable to be blown to fibre-optic access cabinets along roads. The connection from the cabinet to the end-user can then in many cases be pushed by hand. This procedure enables substantial cost savings since a lot of installation steps can be carried out quickly and easily. The cable has excellent bend performance and is designed for installation environment from -20 to +70 ºC.


Technical Information
Design: Central loose tube, nano-cable 
Type: Dielectric, for micro-ducts 
Dimensions: Ø2,4 mm 
Capacity: 24 fibres
Fibre type: G657A1
Lengths: 2000, 4000 m 


Product No. Product Name Fibres
TOL4019070/24 Nano-Cable 24f G657A1 TIA598 24f

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