Fibre Optic Cables


Nylon Coated Microcable

This unique termite resistant, nylon coated cable is based on Hexatronic Viper cable technology.The micro-cables are designed with one, two or three layers of inner protective tubes made of a unique polyamide compound. The polyamide gives a special strength to the product, while increasing the bending properties as well as other benefits such as extreme temperature resistance. Each tube contains 12 or 24 fibres.


Technical Information
Design: Loose tube, micro-cable
Type: Dielectric, for micro-ducts 
Dimensions: Ø6.7-12.7 mm 
Capacity: 12 - 432 fibres 
Fiber type: G657A1
Lengths: 2000, 4000, 8000 m 


GAHLD and GALD – The Super Slim Cable for Small Micro-ducts

Air Blown Fibres

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