Fiber Splicing Cabinet - Street Cabinet

HNBD 116 300+, HNBD 116 301+

Hnbd116300 B

Feeder & Distribution

Drop & Premises

Ground Installation

Outdoor street cabinet designed for blown fiber or cable splicing. It consists of an outer cabinet and can be equipped with an inner splice closure compartment, complete with splice trays and organizers for 5 mm and 7 mm microducts. The cabinet is made of aluminum. The cabinet can be used with traditional microducts, thick walled ducts or any type of fiber optic cables.


Technical Information
Design: Splicing cabinet for outdoor use
Type: Aluminium, above ground, IP54
Dimensions: 480x225x1050 mm (above ground)
Capacity: 96 microducts, 192 splices

E-nr Product No. Product Name
5060459 HNBD116300/1 FAT Cabinet, Grey, with inner splice closure
  HNBD116301/1 FAT Cabinet, Green, with inner splice closure
5060458 HNBD116300 FAT Cabinet Basic, Grey
  HNBD116301 FAT Cabinet Basic, Green

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