Microduct End Stop - Standard Series


Hci Mpb30606 Endstop Cal

Feeder & Distribution

Drop & Premises

Ground Installation

Aerial Installation

Indoor Installation


Microduct snap-in connectors and end stops for quick and easy splicing or termination of micro­ducts. The body is transparent for easy fault location during installation. The connectors are available as straight connectors for spicing of microducts with the same dimensions, or as reducers for splicing of ducts with different dimensions, as well as end stops for terminating duct ends to avoid water and dirt from entering the duct.


Technical Information
Design: Microduct Connector and End Stops, re-openable
Type: Above ground use or in closurses
Dimensions: OD/ID Ø3/2 to 14/10 mm

Microduct End Stop - Standard Series

E-nr Product No. Product Name 
5042736 MPB30606/30 Microduct End Stop 3 mm
5042737 MPB30606/50 Microduct End Stop 5 mm
5042738 MPB30606/70 Microduct End Stop 7 mm
5042739 MPB30606/100 Microduct End Stop 10 mm
5042752 MPB30606/120 Microduct End Stop 12 mm
5042753 MPB30606/140 Microduct End Stop 14 mm
5042754 MPB30606/160 Microduct End Stop 16 mm
5042755 MPB30606/180 Microduct End Stop 18 mm

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