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Micronet is a flexible and cost-effective cabling system for installing optical fibers in all types of metropolitan, access networks and also in backbone network. Built to last, it delivers unlimited bandwidth capacity as well as capability to grow with user needs – and as new users are added.

Micronet meets the demand for nearly unlimited bandwidth, which creates a future-proof network ready for tomorrow’s demanding applications. It also gives a cost-efficient rollout and maintenance, which creates the opportunity for increasing broadband penetration and reaching out to new users. 


Hexatronic Viper Series – A New Generation of Micro Cables

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Micronet Cables  TOL 401 9017+ and TOL 401 9028+ with 144-192 fibers are part of the Hexatronic “Viper” series of high performance micro cables. These cables are characterized by improved environmental properties and state of the art installation performance.

For more information about the Viper range, contact Hexatronic sales support.

Excellent Installation Performance

  • Higher speed
  • Longer installation lengths
  • More robust design


  • Extra slim design for smooth installation in 10mm ducts
  • Superior performance in all climates (- 45 - +70 °C)
  • Small bending radius,  down to 30 - 40 mm with standard G652D fiber
  • Inner tubes of polyamide for improved strength. Does not kink during installation
  • Impact resistance exceeds the IEC specifications by a factor of x 4 to 5


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Standards Compliance - Standard 250µm Fiber

The Viper series is the only micro cables on the market that offers ultra slim design with standard 250µm fibers.

  • Ensures compatibility with existing fusion splicing machines
  • Better protection than 200µm fibers

Smaller Ducts Make a Big Difference

Both micro cables in the Viper series can easily be blown into a 14/10 duct, as opposed to standard cables that require a 18/12 duct or larger. 4 mm might sound marginal, but it actually equals a duct volume reduction of 40%.

Less cable drums, which are also smaller to handle makes logistics easier, while reducing material and transportation costs throughout the project.

You can lower handling and transportation costs by up to 40% and duct costs by up to 30% compared to the cost of installing standard cable in larger ducts.

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The Longest Blowing Distance on the Market – Over 2000 m

The superior blowing performance of the Viper Series, regardless of climate, enables a fast and smooth installation, which reduces both installation costs and saves time.

The Viper Series micro cables can be blown beyond 2000 m, which is over 25% further than a standard cable. This enables you to lower installation costs by up to 25%.

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“The biggest advantage with the 192 fiber micro cable is without doubt the increased blowing distance ability. Since the diameter of the cable is only 7,9mm, the friction is reduced and the blowing distance is up to three times longer than other cables. And this is without jeopardizing the performance or the durability of the cable.”

"Hexatronic’s new 192 fiber micro cable has made our installation process both faster and easier,” says Markus. "We have never blown a 192 fiber cable this far before. We are extremely happy.”

Markus Wässman, Partner and Head of Fiber at Sandström Nätentreprenad AB


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